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Presented by Genai Kerr, Camp Director
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Nike 5meter Water Polo Camp Tips: Dryland Training with Olympian Genai Kerr – Legs

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Olympian and Nike 5meter Water Polo Camp director, Genai Kerr, provides some tips on dryland training for legs:

Leg strength and flexibility are incredibly important for all water polo players. In order to reach your full potential as either a field player or goalie you must consistently work on your leg strength and flexibility not only in the pool, but out of the pool as well. Below are a list of dryland leg exercises to work into your weekly training routine.

  • Lunges – Start with your feet together facing forward. Take a big step with your right leg and bend your left knee towards the floor, but do not let it touch the floor. DO NOT allow your right knee go in front of your toes. Push off your right heel to drive your legs back to the starting position. With your left foot still facing forward step out with your right leg at a 30 degree angle or “1 o’clock”. Repeat each lunge every 30 degrees/hour on the clock until 6 o’clock and then back up to the front. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Jump Lunges - Start in a full lunge position with your right leg in front and your left leg behind. Throw your body and arms upward and jump into the air. Switch your legs (while in the air) and land back in a full lunge. Be as explosive as possible! Repeat for 10-14 reps.
  • Lateral Jumps – Start in a one-legged squat on your right leg and jump as far as you can laterally (to your left) and land on your left leg. Do the same the opposite direction. Be as explosive as possible! Repeat for 16-20 reps.
  • One-Legged Squats - Start balanced on your left leg. Bend your knee as much as possible, reach your right hand out and touch the ground as far out in front of you as you can. Keep your weight on your heel as much as possible. Stand back up and squat down again touching your right hand at 30 degrees or “1 o’clock”. Work your way around to 6 o’clock and then back up to 12 o’clock. Repeat on your right leg with your left hand.
  • Fire Hydrant – Start on your hands and knees keeping your back as straight as possible. With your knee bent, raise your right knee out the side as high as possible and then kick your heel straight back. Repeat for 20 reps and switch sides.
  • Rocket Jumps – Start with you feet shoulder width apart and go into a normal squat. Make sure to sit back and keep your weight on your heels. Jump out of your squat throwing your arms high into the air. Land light on your feet in another squat and immediately jump back up. Be as explosive as possible! Repeat for 10-14 reps.

Come train with Genai Kerr this summer at his Nike 5meter Water Polo Camps. Check out our locations at www.ussportscamps.com/waterpolo.

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