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3 skills to focus on during the Wall Ball Drill

Baseball Wall Ball Drill

The Wall Ball Drill is a great fielding drill that can be done anywhere. This drill helps youth baseball infielders improve their footwork, hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Check out this drill to help improve those skills provided by Nike Baseball Camps.

The set-up of this drill just requires a tennis ball, a wall and a second person to throw the ball off the wall to the person putting in the work. The player should be about 5-10 yards from the wall with the second person standing behind them with the tennis ball. The player will do their pre-pitch routine, get their feet set and then the person will bounce the ball off the wall creating a one or two hop to the player fielding the ball bare-handed. The player will then field the ball and work on quick feet towards the base desired to throw the ball.

This is a full simulation of live ground ball work that is best when getting into a rhythm and focusing on the footwork. The reaction time and coordination to get your hands out and up to throw the ball are crucial to maximizing the work in this drill.

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