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How To Improve Your Passing Accuracy in Field Hockey

Nike Field Hockey Passing Drill

Passing accuracy is a must in field hockey. The ability to accurately pass the ball to a target in a game could be the difference between making a goal and not. Here is a basic passing tip commonly taught at our field hockey camps for beginners to help you develop your skills and work on your aerial passing.

The Set Up

Divide your team into pairs. Each pair will have a 5-gallon bucket.

The Drill

The bucket should be 5 yards away from the pair. Each player will have 10 chances to hit the ball into the bucket, counting how many they individually make. Whoever makes more will be the winner.

To make a tournament out of the drill, the winners can move on and play each other until there is only one person standing.

To increase the difficulty of the drill, increase the distance away from the bucket.

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