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How to Test Your Field Hockey Skills in the Offseason

Skill Test Field Hockey

Summer is an important time for players to practice and improve. To sharpen your skills on your own, you can use the Field Hockey Skills Test (explained below) to measure your fundamentals and shooting accuracy while under pressure. A great way to measure your improvement is to run through the test before attending an all skills field hockey camp and then run yourself through it again, after camp ends.

Set up:

The set up of this drill is simple. All you need is 6 balls, 12 cones, and a goal. To start, place 6 cones in a line spread apart over 25 yards on one side of the goal and place a ball next to the cone closest to the goal. Then place 4 balls six yards in front of a goal, and another 6 cones in a line spread apart over 25 yards on the other side of the goal, with one ball placed next to the cone furthest from the goal.

The Test:

To begin the test, start dribbling through the set of cones on the right side of the goal. When you get to the last cone, leave the ball, and run over the 4 balls set in front of the goal. Hit all of them into the goal. When you have completed shooting the fourth ball, run over to the next set of cones and dribble through them to the finish line.

This test should be timed and recorded to keep track of your speed progress. To increase difficulty, perform this skills test at the end of a training session or practice when you are most tired.

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