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Preparing for Field Hockey Tryouts

Preparing For Field Hockey Tryouts

Regardless of your experience or skill level, it can be exciting or nerve-racking when trying out for a new team. What’s important to know is that most coaches are looking at each player’s skill, fitness, and game performance.

To make sure you stand out at tryouts and increase your chances of making the team, check out these seven field hockey tryout tips recommended by Nike Field Hockey Camps.

1. Research

It is important to understand and have a clear idea of what team you are trying out for. Talk to the players and get a sense of the level of commitment, skill level, and the practices. Make sure the team is right for you and your personal goals.

2. Get Fit

Expect to run. It is a natural part of the game. Coaches will look for endurance and speed during drills and live scrimmages. To help build endurance, practice long distance running while alternating with short distance sprints. Having a strong fitness foundation will help on the field. The more in shape you can be, the more energy you will have to be faster, work harder, and compete. 

3. Visualize

Prepare yourself mentally beforehand. Imagine play in your head and game-like situations. Know what you are going to do before the play happens. Imagine completing each move in your head perfectly. When you get into the field, you will know what to do. 

4. Practice

Start preparing for your tryouts at least a month in advance. Make sure to work on game-like situations and basic skills. Coaches will look at your ability to handle hard passes, lifts, hits, slaps, dribble, and how well you pass. Focus on having strong fundamentals and always give it your all. 

5. Come Prepared

Make sure you are dressed to play. Be prepared with comfortable attire and remember your equipment; mouth guard, cleats, shin guards, your stick and ball, and water. 

6. Maintain a Positive and Elite Mentality/Attitude

This is the most important quality a player could have in field hockey, and any sport really. A coach does not want a player with a bad attitude. Make sure you show your love for the sport and are excited to be there. Be loud on the field. Engage and hustle in every drill or play. Volunteer to go first. Try to lead your team with example and come ready to play. If you mess up, do not hang your head and get down, jump right back into the drill and recover from your mistake. Give 100% effort, 100% of the time. Leave the small talk and gossip with your teammates for after the tryouts. Remember, coaches are watching you on and off the field. 

7. Be Confident

Recognize your mistakes and use them as a learning experience. Be vocal during scrimmages, make eye contact with teammates and coaches, and make every touch on the ball have purpose.

Use this guide to help prepare you for your next big tryout.

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