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Mastering 3D Skills- Forehand and Backhand Lifts

3D Skills Forehand Backhand Lifts

As you advance as a player in field hockey, it is important to work on introducing new skills into your arsenal. 3D skills are a great way for intermediate to advanced players to do this. Here is a drill that practices both forehand and backhand lifts, commonly taught at our Nike Field Hockey Camps.

To set up the drill line-up 4 or more hurdles in a zig-zag line.

Start the drill having your players go over the hurdles, lifting the ball over and back, and over again, and then to the next hurdle. Players will have to adjust their pace depending on the space in between each hurdle. After a few time through the first set up, change the space in between the hurdles, this will force the players to change their pace between each lift. You can also move the hurdles closer together, so players will have to focus on ball control, or father apart so players have to focus on their pace. 

Once your players start to get the drill down, turn it into a competition. To do this, divide your team in two groups and have the teams race each other. 

Check out more great field hockey drills and tips, and get better this summer with us at a Nike Field Hockey Camp. 

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