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Presented by Britt Sharrock, Camp Director
Nike Junior Golf Camps, Cowboys Golf Club

Golf Tip: How to Hit a Low Pitch Shot

Low pitch shot tip

The low pitch shot can be a difficult one to master but is crucial to add to your toolbelt to take you a step above your competition. Traditionally used 20-40 yards out, the purpose of the low pitch is to give you a softer, more controlled shot when dealing with faster greens. With enough practice, your shot should remain low with a slight backspin to place you in perfect putting position.

The Setup: Nike Junior Golf Camps Director, Britt Sharrock, uses a 56-degree wedge as his ideal club in this situation, which helps carry the ball further, but stop it quicker.

When you approach each shot, your stance should be narrow with the ball positioned closer to the back foot and your weight forward. If you are finding it difficult to place the ball close to the hole, try moving your front foot slightly back to open your body to the green.

The Technique: Sharrock emphasizes a key three-word phrase, “Drag, Lag, Release.”

  • The Drag is your backswing, kept low to the ground without any wrist hinge. Practice slow drags until you are comfortable with the form, making sure that the club stays outside of your hands.
  • The Lag is the downswing. Let the wrist break and allow the club to “lag” slightly behind, creating a steep attack angle to produce ideal backspin.
  • The Release is the final piece to the puzzle and should come to a stop when the club lines up to your lead shoulder. Because of the small wrist break on the downswing, be careful with any extra rotation on the release where the club ends up behind your hands.

The low pitch shot can be difficult to master but will take your game to the next level. Practice makes perfect! Take some time to get comfortable with each part of the shot and be ready to impress at a Nike Junior Golf Camp this summer. Check out more junior golf drills and tips and improve your game!

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