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Golf Tip: How to Find Your Balance

Golf Tip 1 How to find your Balance

Finding the perfect balance allows golfers to have better control of the club. Golfers strive for distance and accuracy on the course, and finding your balance is essential in taking your game to the next level. Learning how to maintain balance through the legs, torso, arms, and hands creates an effortless swing when working in harmony. Use these tips below if you want to create the foundation for a better swing. If you enjoy reading tips like these, check out our Nike Junior Golf Camps!

Tip #1 – Create a Solid Stance:

Build from the ground up. Creating a strong foundation when you go to line up your club is a key part of what makes a successful swing. It all starts with your stance. Start with your heels slightly wider than your shoulders. Once your feet are firm on the ground, have a slight bend in your hips that align with your club.

Tip #2 – Guiding Your Backswing:

Keep your eye on the ball. In your backswing, you will shift your weight from the front to the back side of your body. When shifting weight, try not to sway outside of your back foot when bringing the club back. This can cause your ball to go to the side because it leaves the clubface open. One way to keep your weight on the inside of your back foot is to position your back knee slightly towards your target and keep the knee slightly flexed throughout the swing. As the club goes back, allow your arms and shoulders to work together to continue the balance of your swing. Try not to take your club so far back as it can cause you to lose control. One way to ensure balance in the backswing is to keep your front arm from bending at the top. The left-arm should stay straight until after you have made contact with the ball. Maintaining a balanced backswing is important for the accuracy of your shot.

Tip #3 – Shifting Your Weight:

Feel the power. A successful backswing will create a natural flow into your downswing. Balance is essential for consistency and accuracy in your golf game. When your backswing is complete, it is time to begin the lateral movement of your hips toward the front side of your body which will allow your center to face the target (the ball) at impact. This shift to square your body to the ball at impact increases your power through your swing. At this point of the follow-through, all weight should now be on your front foot and only your toe on your back foot should be touching the ground.

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