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How to Manage Your Soccer Players’ Anger

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Coaching tips on how to manage your players' anger provided by Nike Soccer Camps.

How to Manage Your Players’ Anger

Tranquility in Training Sessions

Make sure your players are focused, relaxed and calm during training
Anger will limit a player’s effectiveness and learning ability
It’s okay to play with a little anger during a game, but anger is useless in training

Use Anger to Help

Players feel anger when they are passionate about something
Try to direct the player’s anger towards a positive action
Shift their mindset onto a more appropriate focus of attention

Make the Player Aware of this Anger

Let the player know that he/she is negatively emotional
Make them aware that they are hurting the team as well as themselves
Explain to them that playing intelligently is the key to success

Educate the Player

Provide tips on how to channel anger
Tell them that they can turn to you or their teammate for support
Use your experience to demonstrate the negative effects of anger on the pitch


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