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Volleyball Passing on the beach: wind, sand, and sun

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Passing on the beach is different than passing on a court due to three factors; wind, sun, and sand. As a beach volleyball player, you must learn to overcome these three factors to be successful in the game. Below are a few tips and tricks that we cover in our beach volleyball camps to elevate your beach volleyball game.  

Lets start with the basics. In beach volleyball, passing the ball in a controlled manner can be the difference between returning a serve or pass and not. It is important that you have a solid platform,  bend your knees, and move your feet to get behind the ball. Always pass the ball forwards towards the net in a spot you and your partner have designated. By having a spot that you both try to always pass to, you will increase your chances of a controlled set. Setting up the hitter with a controlled set will increase the likelihood of a kill.  

Wind can be a factor that helps or hurts your game. It is important to know the direction and speed of the wind so you can adjust your passing if needed. If you have the option to pick your side of the court, it is always easiest to pass the ball in wind  that is hitting your face. Also, if the wind is strong it is best to keep passes low and avoid using float serves.  

Sun is another factor that can impact your game. Wearing sunglasses is always the best option on sunny days for sun and sand protections. While they may take a little time to get used to, they will help you tremendously.  

Lastly, sand. Passing on sand will tire your legs out faster then court passing. It may take more concentration to make sure you are keeping good passing form. It is also important to communicate with your partner and know whose going for what. When passing on sand, remember to keep your platform, to communicate, and to move your feet.   

Check out more of our beach volleyball tips and improve your game this summer at one of our beach volleyball camps.  

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