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Presented by Josh Stokes, Camp Director

Presented by Rob Machan, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Sacred Heart University

College Volleyball Recruiting Process: Tips from College Volleyball Coaches

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The college volleyball recruitment process has become one of the most competitive processes in college athletics. With the addition of modern technology, coaches have seen a great increase in the amount of qualified players resumes and videos they receive, leaving them to sort through hundreds to find the most qualified players. Here are 7 tips from some of our college volleyball camp coaches to help you through the recruitment process so you can be proactive and on top of your game.

1. Make a list of your potential schools. Look outside of just NCAA Division I schools. There are several great choices in NCAA Division II & III, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. These schools can have just as great of a fan base and facilities.

“Be proactive.” -Eric Snyder, Men’s Head Volleyball Coach at Warner University

2. Make a video showcasing your volleyball skills. Your video does not have to be professional quality, it just needs to reflect your ability and should be around 8 minutes.

3. Before each tournament, send college coaches your volleyball resume and video to motivate them to come see you. College coaches don’t read every resume, but they will watch your video. When you contact the coach, make sure to also email your unofficial High School transcript with your test scores.

"Do not be afraid to reach out to a Coach. There are thousands of coaches and times that by 16 for volleyball players. We cannot see everyone, it's impossible, so make yourself known. Always have an online video available so you can have quick access to send to a Coach. Have an idea of what you want to study, what size school interests you, location where you see yourself going, and what kind of a connection are you having with that coach. No matter what Division the school, be open-minded and hear the Coach out. You never know." -Josh Stokes, Head Women's Volleyball Coach at SUNY Potsdam

4. When a coach is at a tournament they are evaluating you, so make sure you are a positive player, you are contributing to your team’s success, and that you are hustling to every ball.

“Be a good teammate. Coaches watch you all the time not only when you are in the game or touching the ball.” -Robert Machan, Women’s Head Women's Volleyball Coach at Sacred Heart University

5. When on your campus visit, you should take into consideration the school facilities (location and accessibility), Campus life (if you were to be injured would you be happy here), and the coach’s schedule (how flexible is he/she).

6. While on your visit make sure to ask the coach questions and observe how the players interact with each other. Also, make sure to be humble, you are there to observe and learn as much as you can about the program, not brag about your own success.

7. After you visit the campus, make sure to follow up with the coach and thank them and their players for taking the time to meet with you. Discuss with him or her the admission process, ask about how many visits the coach is planning on bringing in, and ask where you might fit in the line-up.

For more great volleyball tips, visit https://www.ussportscamps.com/tips/volleyball.

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