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Presented by Josh Stokes, Camp Director

How To Block in Volleyball

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Being a good blocker is a vital skill all great players should perfect. As a blocker, it's your job to stop the ball that the opposing team's hitter has just hit as hard as they can. Below are the two major components in blocking and the keys to a successful block according to our Nike Volleyball Camps Director and SUNY Potsdam's Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Josh Stokes.

Positioning For a Block

“Positioning is all about squaring your hips and shoulders to the net. Pick your spot, get square to the net, go in the air, and hold your space.”

While the ball is on the other side of the net, begin to anticipate where the ball is going to bet hit. Blockers should be in a ready position to block with arms up, with elbows out in front of you, and their palms facing the net about eye level. Players should be ready to jump and block the ball at any second because the ball can come over unexpectedly. Watch the setter and hitter’s tendencies and timing, this will improve your understanding how to best block their hits and how they will approach each hit.

Stationary Arms

“When you go up in the air to block, whether you are in the right spot or not, go straight up and try to block the ball into the middle of the court or down. This allows your arms to stay in the same place preventing you from reaching outside your frame and then screening a defender at the last second.”

Blockers should not swing their arms into the net. If you swing your arms, the timing of the block may be off and you will likely miss the ball. Make sure that when you jump you spread your fingers out and jump with strong hands.

As with anything in volleyball, Coach Stokes explains that repetition and practice are key. Join Coach Stokes and his team this summer at the New York Nike Volleyball Camp at SUNY Potsdam for more great tips and instruction.

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