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Volleyball Drills Against a Wall

Volleyball Drill Against Wall

When trying to improve your volleyball skills, day camps and overnight volleyball camps are a great option. However, if you also want to practice when you are alone, these three volleyball wall drills can help you sharpen your skills at home by simply using a wall instead of a partner.

Practice serving:

On the wall, mark the proper height of the net. Stand a half court’s distance away from the wall (30 feet) and serve away. When serving it is important that you are hitting the wall above the designated height. You can work on either your underhand or jump serve.

Practice Hitting:

To make sure this drill is effective, stand at least 10 feet away from the wall. Toss the volleyball high in the air and practice hitting. While doing so, ensure that your wrists are snapping. Some players like to practice catching the ball after to increase their reaction timing to the ball being returned.

Practice Setting:

To practice setting, toss the volleyball up in the air, about 10 feet from the wall. Position your feet, and then properly set the ball against the wall. From here, you can either set the ball again as it returns from the wall or catch and re-toss the ball again. If you are setting the ball high, and it is traveling in an arc trajectory, then this drill is being performed correctly.

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