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5 tips to enhance your footwork as an infielder

Baseball Infielding Footwork

The best infielders train hard and play smart. Baseball players play to their strengths and constantly work on aspects of their game to get better. Footwork is a part of the game that can always improve. Check out 5 key tips that can help improve footwork as an infielder:

  1. Lateral movement: use cones as markers and visuals and shuffle side to side (about 5 yards apart)
  2. Work around the baseball: much like lateral movement but, incorporate short toss (have a teammate under hand toss a ball from about 5 yards away)
  3. Throw on the run: practice throwing on the run from all angles
  4. Anticipation drill: during batting practice, try to anticipate where balls will go. Use this as an opportunity to mimic game-type situations
  5. Prep-Step Drill: Learn the timing of your movement after the ball has hit the bat

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