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Presented by Steve Gartelman, Camp Director
Bill Pilat’s The Goalie School in Massachusetts For Boys

The Goalie School Tip: Communication is Key! From Camp Director Steve Gartelman

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An important factor to becoming the best goalie you can is to have the ability to properly communicate with your teammates. This will constantly ensure your teams defensive strategy is in place and ready for any offensive threat. A lack of communication can easily cause defensive breakdowns which can be avoided.

As the leader of the defense, it is important to BE LOUD, BE CLEAR, and BE CONCISE.

One important factor to properly provide effective information, is to be loud and clear. Unless your teammates can hear you, your communication will be ineffective.

A second factor which is vital to providing proper communication is to direct it towards specific players. Using either the players’ names or their numbers to dictate what you want them to do, makes it clear not only to them but to the rest of the defensive unit.

Lastly, providing proper communication includes understanding the defensive strategy and relaying the proper information to your defenders. Without understanding your teams defensive positioning and tactics, a goalies miscommunication can cause a defensive lapse.

Bill Pilat's The Goalie School in Massachusetts
The Biggest Goalie Camp comes to Massachusetts, June 26-28! All lacrosse goalies will receive top coaching from Steve Gartelman and his carefully selected staff. The Massachusetts session of The Goalie School is held on the beautiful campus of St. Mark's School in Southborough, MA, 25 miles from Boston.          

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