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Presented by Sean Chenevert, Camp Director
Nike Camp All-Star

Nike Lacrosse Tip: Improve Team Offense and Defense With The Hammer Drill By Camp Director Sean Chenevert

Lacrosse Girls Coach

Nike Camp Director, Sean Chenevert, explains, The Hammer Drill:

Rationale: Attackers/defenders work on tight space man-up/ man-down scenarios.

Set Up: Place two cones, each on opposite sides, out wide by the 15-meter. Coach is positioned at the top with all the balls facing the goal. Defense/midfielders should be on the right side lined up behind the cone. Attacker/midfielders should be on the left side lined up behind the cone.

Drill: Attack will always start a man-up, having their extra attacker starting out in the 8-meter. All other attackers and defenders in line must be ready for the whistle.

How To Start:

  1. Coach starts action by blowing the whistle and throws or rolls a ball to the first attacker on the left line. As this happens, the first defender immediately runs out and plays the scenario.
  2. It is a 2 v 1 and the play continues until defense (o) gets the ball out of the 12-meter or attack scores.
  3. As soon as ball is dead, those 3 players remain in; the coach immediately rolls or throws another ball out to the attack line.
  4. It is a 3 v 2.
  5. This continues until a 5 v 4.
  6. After attack is man-up for a certain number of sets, defense will start with a player in the 8-meter to have a man-up for the whole set up to 5 v 4.

Points to Focus Upon:

Attack man-up: Move the ball quickly; emphasize communication and full attention as the play is unfolding. Work to always be in scoring position; constantly moving feet.

Defense man-down: COMMUNICATE, slide quickly, all defenders should be rotating; one person does not constantly have two players to mark.

Attack man-down: Don’t hold onto the ball for too long, quick movements and stay wide. Take care not to “creep in” and inadvertently reduce offensive operating room.

Defense man-up: Double team ball with adjacent defenders tight on players. Constantly communicate and make short slides to double.

NIKE Lacrosse Camp Director Sean Chenevert, is excited to one again lead the Nike Girls Lacrosse Camp at Worcester State University. Camp takes place July 9-12, 2018 and offers a commuter or overnight camper option.

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