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Presented by Zoe Varela Beltz, Camp Director
Nike Volleyball Camp at Helix Charter High School (San Diego)

How to Improve Your Volleyball Serve Receiving Skills

How To Improve Serve Receiving

Players must know how to effectively return a serve in a live volleyball game. To advance in volleyball, it is a vital skill to learn how to react to various serves and improve ball control. Improving in these fundamentals can make a huge difference when effectively returning an opponents serve. Perfecting these skills can often be the difference between a win and a loss in volleyball. At our Nike Volleyball Camps, campers will learn how to improve their receiving skills!

Service Receiving Position

Start by being in the best serve receiving position. This means that your body is angled and in an athletic stance. Volleyball players that anticipate a serve are able to be move more effectively in their return. Being prepared allows player to move more quickly with a well thought out plan of execution.

Watch the Server

Watching the opposing server will make a huge difference in preparing to receive a serve. Determine the balls trajectory based on the server’s initial step of their serve, speed of her swing, and direction of their follow though.

How To React to Different Serves

For powerful serves, shoot your hands to the ball, stick/freeze your platform, and keep your shoulders angled off to setter box. A slower served ball will need more guidance towards the setter box.

For a top spin serve, analyze your opponents routine. You will need to start at a lower position and your hands will shoot lower for the volleyball. It is also important to make sure you are extending out (not up), rather than swinging your arms. The less arm movement the better. Players must be more patient with float serves and be quick and trust your footwork with deep serves. Be in charge of directing the ball and do not let it control or over power you!

Bonus Tip

Camp Director, Zoe Varela Beltz, says serve receive is one of the most challenging parts of the game. Coach Zoe believes the best way to improve is to practice getting your feet to the area where the serve will land. At our Southern California Volleyball Camp, you will work on moving your feet to improve at serve receiving.

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