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Presented by Brian Hollamon, Camp Director

5 Ground Ball Fielding Tips from Coach Hollamon

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All baseball players must prepare for the ball to come their way on every pitch. Once you get that chance to make a play, infielders should follow these steps to ensure throwing the runner out provided by Coach Hollamon:

  1. Get hands out in front: Infielders must always have their hands out in front to go after the ball. If you do not do this, this allows for a higher risk of the ball to short hop.
  2. Keep your head down: Infielders need to always focus on keeping their down to ensure the ball gets fielded before trying to throw the runner out.
  3. Soft feet: When fielding the ball, be on your toes. Infielders need to be able to adjust in case the ball takes a weird hop.
  4. Forward movement: As an infielder, always try to approach the ball and get your momentum moving forward.
  5. Hip direction towards the target: As momentum takes you forward, be sure to get your hips pointed in the direction you want to throw.

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