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Nike Lacrosse Tip: Waterfall Drill

Park City Utah Nike Girls Lacrosse Camp Drill

Drill Description: Players form 2 lines. One line has the balls. A player from each line runs up the middle of the field while passing ball back and forth. When they get to end, they fan out to the sideline and run back while making long cross field passes. Adjust distance for your level player, but make sure they stay wide and don’t creep close in. You can start next group when the ones in front get to the restraining line.

  • Drill Theme: Ball Movement
  • Field Position: Offense, Defense
  • Drill Style: Game
  • Time Needed: 15 Min
  • Field Location: Full Field
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Objective: Work on short and long passes on the run; includes some conditioning work and includes goalies too!
  • Skills Practiced: Passing, Catching, Conditioning, and Leading passes
  • Bonus: You can make the players practice defensive sliding while doing the short passes up the field. Have them get low and balanced and do quick sticks up the field facing each other. Do regular long passes back down the field
  • Invert waterfall: start with long passes and do short on way back and end with a shot. Challenge players to complete a certain number of passes.

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