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Presented by Brian Lalley, Camp Director
Xcelerate Nike PRE-SEASON Boys MS/YOUTH Shooting & Dodging Clinic in Cleveland

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse Tip: Behind the Back Pass/Shot

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Lacrosse is definitely a sport where players are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be fancy and unnecessary to the area of creative and advantageous. Much like the between the legs or behind the back dribble used to be considered flashy in basketball, mastering the behind-the-back pass or shot in lacrosse is a creative play that has significant advantages.

What makes the behind-the-back tricky is the steps are opposite from throwing a normal overhand pass. To throw a normal pass, we start with the top arm bent and straighten it out on the follow through. With behind the back, the top arm starts straighter and then bend the arm and snap the top wrist behind the head.

Once you begin to develop the muscle memory of this motion, making sure your body is in line to your target to maximize your accuracy is very important. Many young players try to step wide of their target to help turn their hips and shoulders. This pass / shot should be executed with arms and wrists and not your hips and shoulders.

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