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MB Sports Camps are intensive, instructional sports camps for the young athlete striving to improve his/her game. MBSC is sponsored by Nike Sports Camps and caters to all levels, from beginners to nationally ranked players. We offer intensive sports instruction in: Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Baseball, Football and Volleyball. Sports are instructed by professionals, former professionals and/or college and high school coaches. Campers play 5-6 hours of sports per day and their progress is evaluated at the end of their stay with us. 

More Than Just Sports

In additional to the Intensive Sports Camp experience.  We offer our campers fun, supervised evening activities on a daily basis.  These activities vary week by week and a schedule will be mailed to parents once their child is registered.  Activities range from Whale Watch, Blue Man Group shows, Hard Rock Cafe, Red Sox Games, Movie Night, Dance Party, Bowling and much more.

More Than One Location

MB Sports Camps is proud to offer these programs in three major US cities; Boston, Orlando and Miami. 

Camps at Curry College in Boston, Massachusetts

Camps at University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida

Camps in Miami, Florida

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 7:15-7:30am  Wake up
  • 7:30-8:30am  Breakfast is served
  • 8:10-8:40am  Day Camper drop off
  • 9:00-11:45am  Session 1
  • 11:45-12:30pm  Lunch
  • 12:30-1:45pm  Break/Rest (Day Campers stay in dorms with us)
  • 2:00-4:45pm  Session 2
  • 4:45-5:00pm  Day Campers pick-up
  • 4:45-5:30pm  Dinner 
  • 5:30-6:30pm  Shower/Get ready for evening activities
  • 6:30-10:30pm  Field Trips/Movies/Games/Hanging out with friends
  • 10:30pm   Campers in dorms/Lights out

Extra Supervision

MBSC has double the supervision! This is because they hire two separate staff: coaching staff and counselor staff. This ensures that coaches are not overworked and can adequately teach and coach soccer every day. It also ensures that your children being well supervised during all non-sport hours. Also the owners/directors reside in the dorms with campers!


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