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The Nike Adult Tennis Camp in Massachusetts began in 1972 and has grown into one of the best tennis camps for adults in the country. Join us in South Hadley for a fun tennis vacation and elevate your game!

Our Mount Holyoke adult tennis camp delivers quality tennis instruction and personal attention to each camper’s specific needs with passionate coaches who inspire all players to get better!

This Camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by local Board of Health.

Please note: All participants must be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to participate.

Highlights Include
  • Coaching from one of the most renowned adult tennis camp directors in the country, Reiny Maier
  • Each participant will receive private tennis lessons in addition to group instruction
  • Low teacher/camper ratio at 1:4
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Camp Coaches

  • Amherst Reiny Maier Headshot

    Camp Director Reiny Maier

    The Camp Director, Reiny Maier is one of the most renowned adult tennis camp directors in the country. He returns to the Amherst Tennis Camp for his 41st year and has given players a whole new outlook on tennis. He becomes involved in the game of each player, offering his knowledge, enthusiasm, patience and encouragement.

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  • Amhert Mike Gardner Headshot

    Camp Director Mike Gardner

    In his 33rd year as a Nike Tennis Camp Director, Mike Gardner brings years of experience and dedication to junior tennis development.

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Camp Details


Camp Director: Reiny Maier

  • June 8-11
  • June 15-18

Camp Director: Mike Gardner

  • July 14-16

Please note: All participants must be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to participate.


Camp is geared towards adult players of all levels. Upon arrival, all participants are evaluated by the staff so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the weekend. Once registered at camp, you will report to the tennis courts. Your skill level will be evaluated and you will be assigned to a small group of players with similar skills.

We offer Day and Overnight camp options for adults, ages 18+, of all skill levels. Each day of camp has a morning session (9:00-11:30am) and an afternoon session (1:30-4:00pm). Camp sessions are final, there will be no schedule customization allowed this year.


June Camp (Reiny Maier)

  • Thursday: 1:30pm-4:00pm
  • Friday: 9:00am-11:30am, 1:30pm-4:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am-11:30am, 1:30pm-4:00pm
  • Sunday: 9:00am-11:30am

Check-in and Departure

  • Campers check in 1 hour before their first session. If your program begins with an afternoon (PM) session, your check-in time is 12:30pm. If your program begins with a morning (AM) session, your check-in time is 8:00am. Campers depart immediately after your last session on the final day of camp.

Extra Activities

  • In addition to the teaching programs, there is a spirited round robin play each evening.

- July Camp (Mike Gardner)

  • Friday:
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:


The Mount Holyoke Tennis Courts are located just outside the Kendall Sports & Dance Complex and serve as home to the College's tennis team. Included in the fully enclosed facility are 12 full-sized asphalt tennis courts. A central fence divides the courts into groups of six. Bleacher seating is available, with a seating capacity of 50 spectators.


2023: TBD. 2022: Overnight campers stay on campus in Torrey Hall. Torrey is known for its spacious student rooms and common areas. It is located near Kendall Sports and Dance Complex, a one-minute walk to the tennis courts. Rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, dresser, and closet. Shared bathrooms are located on each floor. A pillow and blanket are included as well as sheets and towels. I have attached photos of the exterior. Unfortunately, there is no AC.


If you choose not to stay on campus you will receive tennis instruction and lunch with the overnight campers. We suggest the following hotels and inns that are located close to the campus.

  • Willits and Hallowell Conference Center and Hotel - Located on campus at Mount Holyoke College. Phone 413.538.2217
  • Howard Johnson Lodge - Located in Hadley. Phone 413.586.0114
  • Holiday Inn Express – Located in Hadley. Phone 413.582.0002
  • Marriot Courtyard in Hadley. Phone 413.256.5454
  • Allen House Bed and Breakfast – Located in Amherst. Phone 413.253.5000
  • Amherst Inn – Right across from Amherst College and the Emily Dickinson House. Phone 413.253.5000


If you are driving to campus, there is parking near the dormitories. A parking permit will be issued to you during check-in.


We invite USTA team members to come to camp to strengthen their skills and work in a team format. Come with your partner or the entire team. There is a 5% discount for groups of four or more campers. Groups must register at the same time to receive this discount by calling 1-800-NIKE-CAMP (645-3226).


To view your customer account, complete your mandatory forms, pay balance dues, and review important camp information, visit Pre-Camp Checklist. All necessary camp information is on this page. If there are any imperative changes prior to camp start, registered campers will be notified via email and this webpage will be updated!


Below is a suggested list of clothes, equipment, and personal items. US Sports Camps is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles or money.

  • Athletic, on-court tennis clothing

  • Tennis Racquet(s)

  • Tennis shoes (no running shoes)

  • Sweatshirt/warm-up jacket and pants

  • Water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Signed Health & Release forms and waivers (forms completed online do not need to be printed and turned in at camp)


  • Athletic clothing mentioned above (1-2 pairs/day)

  • Comfortable off-court clothing (pants/shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts 1 paid/day)

  • Undergarments (1-2pair/day)

  • Swimsuit and towel (subject to change)

  • Pajamas

  • Shower flip flops

  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)

  • Personal items & medications

  • Washcloth and bath towel

  • Fan (optional)

  • Bed sheets (if linens are not provided)

  • Comforter/blanket (if linens are not provided)

  • Pillow/pillow case (if linens are not provided)


For information regarding our cancellation policy and all other company policies, please visit USSC Policies.


For general questions about our tennis camps please see our FAQ page


We're excited to also bring you a Junior Amherst Nike Tennis Camp at Mount Holyoke for all skills and a Amherst Nike Tournament Training Tennis Camp at Mount Holyoke College for ages 9-18! Click the links for details to our junior camps.


Maximize your camp experience with SwingVision, an iPhone app that provides the following benefits when you record your play: watch a full match in 20 minutes with the dead-time automatically removed, view stats like shot placement, court positioning, shot speed, and consistency for each shot type, filter to particular shot or point types and easily create highlight videos of certain points or shots, access video analysis, and stats immediately after you finish recording, all on unlimited cloud storage.

Camp Code: TNARMH

Camp Reviews

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Overall Average Rating 4.71 / 5 Stars
    • 4/5.
    Done very well!

    June 27, 2021: Some of the pros were exceptional. The accommodations with the meal plan, the schedule, and the organization was done very well.

    — Daniel D., Camper

    • 4/5.
    I will definitely be back next year

    June 25, 2021: I thought that this camp experience was really beneficial. I enjoyed all the opportunities for playing with all different types of tennis players. For the most part I like the fact that there were some young coaches who were in high school and really great players. There were other coaches who were in college and also amazing players. There were some very experienced coaches. I liked their different styles and all the different games we played and the opportunities for learning. I will definitely be back next year and I will try to bring more friends.

    — Alexandra K., Camper

    • 5/5.
    So much fun!

    June 21, 2021: Meeting up with friends not seen in 2 years and meeting new friends. This was my first outing since the pandemic started and it was so needed and so much fun.

    — Diana H., Camper

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    • 5/5.
    Great instruction

    June 21, 2021: Very organized camp with friendly staff. Great instructions and a lot of fun.

    — Raafat A., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Pleasure to go every year!

    June 21, 2021: Reiny and Mo put on a great adult camp. It's a pleasure to go every year.

    — Alfie P., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Instructors were knowledgeable and helpful

    June 16, 2021: The Instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful. The Instructors were very enthusiastic. The facilities were nice. The meals in the cafeteria were excellent. The Holyoke Staff was very accommodating. The entire Staff was very safety conscious.

    — Dwight L., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Camp was great

    June 15, 2021: The camp was great, I learned a lot of skills. Thank all coaches very much!

    — Jinming C., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Noticeable improvements

    June 15, 2021: Reiny and his team found small (manageable) corrections / tweaks which made noticeable improvements by the end of camp. THANKS! I may still not qualify for any of the tennis majors, but I should have less frustration / more enjoyment when I play with my friends.

    — Doug F., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Instructors truly cared about the campers

    June 15, 2021: Friendly and welcoming staff. Instructors really made an effort in correcting strokes. Drills were challenging but fun. Reiny was well organized and truly cared about the campers.

    — Jefflee H., Camper

    • 5/5.
    Truly awesome

    July 04, 2017: As always, the Amherst Tennis Camp is the best opportunity to improve your tennis skills and have a wonderful time doing so. Reiny, Maureen, Erol and the rest of the staff are truly awesome.

    — Joanne W. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Fun, challenging, and informative

    July 06, 2017: Nike's Amherst camp is the only tennis camp I have ever attended (in 1996 and again this year), but I cannot imagine that any are better run. Reiny and Maureen know their stuff, and they make camp fun, challenging, and informative for everyone.

    — Kay E. Camper

    • 5/5.
    I keep coming back for the instructors!

    July 05, 2016: Reiny and Mo and staff have been by far, the most experienced, professional tennis pros I have taken lessons from in many, many years. I have gone to other camps, and keep coming back to Amherst for the instructors.

    — Marjorie B. Camper

    • 5/5.
    excellent instruction

    July 03, 2016: The instruction that Reiny and Maureen provide is excellent. They make it fun and we learn a lot. I have attended for the last 4 years and have made friends from fellow campers. I would be very upset if it was not offered in the future.

    — Pauline W. Camper

    • 5/5.
    knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers

    June 29, 2016: Reiny, Mo and the rest of the staff were knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers of tennis.

    — Peter W. Camper

    • 5/5.
    superb camp... been going for 20 years

    June 29, 2016: I love the Amherst tennis camp. Reiny Meir runs a superb camp. I have been going for about 20 years. I have recommended it to many of my tennis playing friends and they love it. Tennis camp represents the summer season for me.

    — Diana H. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Love it!


    — Thea C. Camper

    • 5/5.
    great camp directors... been attending for 18 years

    June 29, 2016: Reiny and Maureen are great camp directors. Their staff is excellent. We've been attending the Amherst camp for about 18 years.

    — Bill B. Camper

    • 5/5.
    I love Nike camp at Amherst College

    June 29, 2016: I love Nike camp at Amherst College. It's a beautiful place for tennis camp. The current director and staff are fantastic but I know Reiny is getting up there in years. I'd love to see camp continue at this location, though. Great times!

    — Kellie C. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Look forward to it all year.

    June 29, 2016: Love tennis camp. Look forward to it all year.

    — Eddie D. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Reiny runs a very good camp

    June 29, 2016: Reiny runs a very good camp. I first went there 30 years ago and have returned yearly for the last 10 yrs or so. Not sure I'll return if he doesn't.

    — J.A. L. Camper

    • 5/5.
    keeps you interested and challenged

    June 29, 2016: One of the few camps that have the instructors, not the campers, move from drill to drill, which streamlines time and gives the campers time to hydrate, apply more sunscreen etc. This director knows all his campers by name (amazing!) and mixes things up to keep your interested, challenged and further hone your individual skillset.

    — Mary M. Camper

    • 5/5.
    would like to attend again next year

    6/17/2016 - I hope you continue to offer the adult tennis camp at this (Amherst College) location. My friends and I would like to attend again next year.

    — Kathie C. Camper

    • 5/5.
    fantastic job organizing this camp

    7/15/2015 - Reiny Maier & Maureen do a fantastic job of organizing this camp. I make this statement because I have been to Saddlebrook in FL and so I have a reference for comparison.

    — Doug B. Camper

    • 5/5.
    very happy with the whole experience

    7/9/2015 - Was very happy with the whole experience except for not receiving a written evaluation at the end of camp. Others did but neither my husband nor I received one. We had two different instructors. Feedback is critical.

    — Stephie P. Camper

    • 5/5.
    provided a lot of individual instruction

    7/9/2015 - The Staff was very good at teaching, and provided a lot of individual instruction.

    — Dwight L. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Everything was spectacular

    7/3/2015 - Everything was spectacular - on and off the court - there were no problems, only solutions - can hardly wait to come back again next year - all personnel friendly, upbeat, helpful, professional, attentive, caring

    — Cathy M. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Great instructors and facilities

    6/25/2015 - I love this camp. This was my second summer and I was looking forward to it all year long. The instructors are great, the facilities at Amherst are great, and Reiny is terrific.

    — Tom D. Camper

    • 5/5.
    I loved everything about it!

    6/25/2015 - I loved everything about it! Nike at Amherst College is the best!! The instruction, the dorms etc.. everything. I only had 3 days of camp but it was intense three days of drills and play. I was exhausted each day - in a good way. Great exercise and they pushed you to bring out the best. I was not there to play recreational vacation tennis. I wanted to learn and push myself. The only thing I could possibly think of them doing better is probably group people on day one according to their USTA level and make group adjustments as you go through. The first day I played singles against a guy who was really a beginner. He was not having fun hitting against me and vice versa. I had to temper down the shots significantly.

    — Gerald A. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Best Adult Camp in the U.S.

    6/25/2015 - Great program! Best Adult Camp in the U.S.! I will be back next year. Please extend the duration of the camp. It's too short.

    — Jeff D. Camper

    • 5/5.
    Excellent experience overall!

    6/25/2015 - I look forward to coming to this camp every Spring. It's a win-win: I get to learn new tricks and have a great time too. Excellent experience overall!!!!

    — Brenda N. Camper

    • 5/5.
    no better camp anywhere on earth

    6/25/2015 - Reiny & Mo run a great camp with great instructors. Most of the campers have been coming back for many years and will continue into the future. I cannot believe there is a better camp anywhere on earth.

    — Bill B. Camper

    • 5/5.
    wanted more variety of drills

    6/25/2015 - In the past, there was more variety of drills which made the time on court more fun and less routine. Also, a few pros did not provide the quality of instruction I expect from the camp.

    — Judy S. Camper

    • 5/5.
    staff is fabulous

    6/25/2015 - I love this camp. I have been coming regularly for 20 years or so. The staff is fabulous. I spend as much time working on my tennis as I do laughing.

    — Diane H. Camper

    • 5/5.
    The staff were incredible and enthusiastic

    6/25/2016 - The staff were incredible and enthusiastic and were truly interested in your improvement

    — Peter W. Camper

Nike Adult Tennis Camp at Mount Holyoke College

Reiny Maier, Camp Director
50 College St
South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075
Questions? Call 1-800-645-3226
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm PST


Last year over 650 Sports Camps sold out, leaving 7,000+ campers on the waitlist. Due to high demand, early registration for our first-come-first-serve camps is strongly recommended.

Camp Dates & Prices

Programs: Adult
Age Group: 18 - 0
Gender: Co-Ed
Overnight $1,395.00
Availability: Wait List

Day 9:00AM - 4:00PM $775.00
Availability: Wait List

* Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Enroll today to secure current rates.
Programs: Adult
Age Group: 18 - 0
Gender: Co-Ed
Overnight $1,395.00
Availability: Wait List

Day 9:00AM - 4:00PM $775.00
Availability: Wait List

* Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Enroll today to secure current rates.
Programs: Adult
Age Group: 18 - 0
Gender: Co-Ed
Overnight $1,225.00
Availability: Yes

Day 9:00AM - 4:00PM $725.00
Availability: Yes

* Pricing is subject to change based on availability. Enroll today to secure current rates.
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