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Nike Lacrosse Tip: Start Small To Play Big

A great way to improve your reaction ability and decision making skills are to play small field games incorporating quick passing and agile movements. By creating smaller windows of space, these games will teach players to improve their passing accuracy, how to strategically position themselves for scoring opportunities, as well as the importance of ball protection.

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Nike Lacrosse Camps

Nike Lacrosse Camps provide players of all positions and ability levels the opportunity to improve and refine every facet of their game in a positive, progressive and challenging environment. Our high performance lacrosse camp directors and coaches are involved in every step of the process, from teaching fundamental skills to promoting championship habits. Campers determined to get better this summer walk away from any of our Nike Lacrosse Camps with improved stick skills, a higher lacrosse IQ, better overall athleticism, and hours of lacrosse enjoyment! 

For more great tips and instruction this summer check out our Nike Lacrosse Camp locations and get into camp today! Unlike tournaments, our lacrosse camp opportunities balance between traditional and progressive drills which provide tangible results to youth and high school lacrosse players. Instead of just playing this summer, challenge yourself and your skills at a Nike Lacrosse Camp!

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