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Presented by Callahan Kent, Camp Director
Nike Girls Lacrosse Camp at Franklin Road Academy

Nike Lacrosse Tip: 3 Tips To Improve Your Shooting By Callahan Kent​ of Franklin Road Academy

Nike Girls Lacrosse Camp Ready Shoot

The focus on the fundamentals, improvement of all around lacrosse skills and team play will undoubtedly make you a better lacrosse player.

1) Changing Levels on Fakes
Visualize the cage divided up into 3 levels, high, middle and low. In order to move the goalie opposite of where you want to shoot, you must fake in a level different than where you would like to finish your shot. An example of this would be faking high and shooting low or faking to your off side high and placing it stick side middle.

2) Follow Through Towards the Target
When driving to cage, it is important to have your hips faced towards the goal and continue your drive to the cage as opposed to fading towards the outside of the 8m. When you release your shot, your stick head should finish in the same place you want the shot to end up. In order to do this follow through with your top hand.

3) Varying Your Shots
To be a successful attacker who is hard to stop, it is important to have a variety of shots you are able to execute. This can range from power shots, to finesse, risers to bounce-shots, and top corners to the goalies off-side hip. It is much harder to stop a save from an attacker when the defense and goal keeper do not know where her shot is going.

Nike Lacrosse Camps

The Girls Nike Lacrosse Camp, directed by Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at FRA, Callahan Kent, provides emerging and elite players the opportunity to improve their skills in a structured and competitive environment. Upcoming Nashville youth lacrosse programs include our Summer Camp, June 10-13.

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