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How to Build Permanent Confidence on the Basketball Court

NBC Basketball Camps train athletes from the inside out.  If you want to be a great player, you have to have confidence that no one can take away.

Picture a moment when a coach commented on something you did well. You felt like you could rule the world. Then, maybe even in the same practice, your coach said something that sapped your confidence and you felt like getting angry or worse, giving up. This roller coaster of temporary confidence causes us to feel out of control. Permanent confidence is something no one can take away because compliments don't inflate us and criticism doesn't shake us.

We are calling permanent confidence a skill because it requires purposeful effort to develop. The difference between permanent confidence and temporary confidence is temporary confidence means confidence which can be given quickly and taken away quickly.

Here are three ways to help you build permanent confidence.

1. If possible, especially when developing a new skill, choose an encouraging environment. Not all environments are equal. The best place to grow is in an environment where you are given grace for mistakes, kind correction and courage to keep going. It's possible to survive in Antarctica with harsh wind and violent weather, but it's very tough and few make it. Similarly,confidence has a hard time becoming permanent in an environment of criticism, perfectionism and/or insult. One of the key pursuits of NBC Camps for 40 years has been to create an environment where maximum growth can happen. A climate where athletes feel "believed in." An environment of encouragement is especially crucial when confidence has not become permanent.

2. Practice, practice, practice! The truly confident person loves hard work and is willing to do the work necessary to become great. The difference between a confident person and a cocky person is that the confident person is able and open to looking at, talking about, and working on his or her weaknesses. When you have permanent confidence, you don't become crushed by mistakes. You can grow and learn and even be thankful for mistakes because they will show you ways you can improve.

3. Not all thoughts are equal. A person with permanent confidence doesn't allow certain thoughts to have any time in his or her head. Thoughts of bitterness, self-pity, condemnation or grandiosity are met at the door of the mind. If they are destructive thoughts, they are not allowed entrance. Truly confident people understand each of us has a choice to think something or throw it out.

 7 Ways to End Games with Greater Confidence

Confidence, execution, fitness level and skills are key to the final moments of a game but above all you have to have confidence. You have to have the type of confidence that knows you are going to win, the type that wills the ball into the basket. You have to be able to execute what is necessary in the final moments. You need to be fit, don't let fatigue cost you the game. Finally, you need the skills in place to make the split second choices when it matters most--that means being a student of the game. Watch film, study, and know what the great play makers do when they are behind, when they are up, when they need to foul, when they need to score. Here are several practical ways to end the game well.

1. Be ready to catch the ball, be mentally focused and 100% dialed in. Slips happen near the end of the game through too much confidence or lack of confidence.

2. Make certain your passes are easy to catch and are thrown with strength and precision. Avoid dangerous passes. Give your teammates confidence in your passing decisions.

3. Monitor your level of nerves. If you are nervous, you will have the tendency to shoot hard, to pass too hard. When the tempo and pressure increases, remain calm. Discipline yourself to stay mentally alert.

4. While on defense, interrupt your opponent. Don't make anything easy . Give them no rest, hound every shot, block out every time. Mentally tire them out.

5. Take only a quality shot, never a risky or suspect shot. Make your bunnies (short shots near the basket).

6. Speak confidence. Focus on feeling like you are a great shooter, say mentally to yourself that you are on fire, you love to score, it's going in.

7. Go get the ball and secure it. Love the ball, want the ball, protect the ball. Your confidence and the confidence of the team will remain secure when you take care of the ball. 

Confidence is a mindset skill that requires discipline to protect and maintain. Work on it every practice and protect yourself from mentally letting down your guard which comparison, assumption, or negative thinking.  As you think, so you become.

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