Nike Adult Tennis Camp at Amherst College

Nike Adult Tennis Camp at Amherst College
Nike Adult Tennis Camp at Amherst College

The Nike Adult Tennis Camp at Amherst College has hosted over 30,000 adult tennis players since 1972. We are proud of the fact that over 45% of Amherst tennis training participants each year are past campers and their friends. They come to this beautiful location year after year to get better, make new friends, and immerse themselves in this great game

Nike Adult Tennis Camp in Amherst, MS

Quality tennis instruction and personal attention to each camper’s specific needs are hallmarks of The Nike Adult Nike Tennis Camp. Camp Directors, Reiny Maier and Maureen Rankine are great teachers and passionate coaches who inspire all players to get better and love the game. Amherst College is a classic New England college campus and a great venue for this adult tennis camp.

Highlights Include

  • Each participant will receive, in addition to the group tennis instruction, private tennis lessons from this very experienced staff.
  • Low teacher/camper ratio at 1:4
  • Coaching from one of the most renowned adult tennis camp directors in the country
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Dates & Prices

Meet Camp Coaches

Reiny Maier
Camp Director

Reiny Maier

The Camp Director, Reiny Maier is one of the most renowned adult tennis camp directors in the country. He returns to the Amherst Tennis Camp for his 40th year and has given players a whole new outlook on tennis. He becomes involved in the game of each player, offering his knowledge, enthusiasm, patience and encouragement.  

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As a talented tennis player, he was the #1 player for three years establishing a 43-6 career won-lost record, which helped lead the tennis teams to three consecutive Little Ten Conference championships. He was the Little Ten singles champion for two years and an all conference basketball player for one year.

Reiny attended the University of Wisconsin Whitewater where he  received four letters in tennis playing #1 singles and #1 doubles. In 1968 he helped his doubles team win the conference championship, qualified for the NAIA Nationals for a third time, and was named NAIA All American. In addition, Reiny was selected to UW-Whitewater's Male Athlete of the Year. He graduated UW-Whitewater in 1968.

He was a teacher and coach for thirty five years in the Manitowoc School District. Reiny continues his interest in tennis at Manitowoc's YMCA, and is currently the tennis director for the Amherst Tennis Camp in Amherst, Massachusetts.

More Directors
Maureen Rankine

Maureen Rankine

The Assistant Director is Maureen Rankine, a member of the teaching staff of the Amherst Tennis Camp for 32 summers and the Assistant Director for the past 24 years. She is sought after for her considerable teaching skills, warm personality and unique ability to communicate fundamentals of the game to students of any age. Maureen looks forward to sharing her vast knowledge and...

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Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and comes from a family of tennis professionals Maureen has been a tennis Instructor for over 20 years. Maureen is also Co-Director of the renowned Nike Adult Tennis camp in Amherst, Massachusetts

Maureen is the founder of two non-profit organizations –The Association of Minority Tennis professionals, (AMTP) and Tennis Against Breast Cancer, (TABC). A Board member of several organizations including the Rankine Tennis & Education Foundation and the B.Rankine Cancer Fund in Monetgo Bay Jamaica, where she plans to open the first of several cancer clinic in honor of her mother, Beryl

Education: B.A. degree in Business Administration from Murray State University, Murray Kentucky. Awarded the Collegiate “All American award after leading her tennis team to their first Ohio Valley Conference Championships in1983

Overall, Maureen has had a long a illustrious career in tennis and has traveled the world competing and teaching tennis.

Currently a Tennis professional at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club, NYC where she has taught since the club opened in 1992.

Camp Details

2016 Amherst College Nike Adult Tennis Camp Information

The Amherst Adult Nike Tennis Camp offers Day and Overnight Tennis Camp programs during June 5-19 and June 24-26. (There is no camp from June 20-23.) Each day of camp will have a morning session from 9:00-11:30am and an afternoon session from 1:30-4:00pm. Campers can choose to participate in 4 or more tennis instruction sessions and our schedules can be customized!

More Important Camp Details

2016 Camp Schedule Options

Each day of camp will have a morning session from 9:00-11:30am and an afternoon session from 1:30-4:00pm. Campers can add sessions to any of the programs listed below or create their own schedule (4 session minimum) per participant stay. Day Camper fee per session is $145 and includes lunch daily. Overnight Camper fee per session is $180 and includes all meals.

8 sessions
  • Overnight Camp: $1,440 | Includes: 5 days, 20 hours of tennis, 4 nights lodging, 8 meals
  • Day Camp: $1,160 | Includes: 5 days, 20 hours of tennis, lunch daily
  • Schedule Option 1: Sunday PM - Thursday AM (2016 Dates: June 5-9 | June 12-16)
  • Campers can add sessions to any of the programs listed above or create their own schedule of 8 sessions during June 5-19, 2016. Overnight stays are not available during June 19-24, 2016.
6 sessions
  • Overnight Camp: $1,080 | Includes: 4 days, 15 hours of tennis, 3 nights lodging, 6 meals
  • Day Camp: $870 | Includes: 4 days, 15 hours of tennis, lunch daily
  • Schedule Option 1: Sunday PM - Wednesday AM (2016 Dates: June 5-8 | June 12-15)
  • Schedule Option 2: Thursday PM - Sunday AM (2016 Dates: June 9-12 | June 16-19)
  • Campers can add sessions to any of the programs listed above or create their own schedule during June 5-19, 2016. Overnight stays are not available during June 19-24, 2016.
4 sessions
  • Overnight Camp: $720 | Includes: 2 or 3 days, 10 hours of tennis, 2 nights lodging, 4 meals
  • Day Camp: $580 | Includes: 2 or 3 days, 10 hours of tennis, lunch daily
  • Schedule Option 1: Sunday PM - Tuesday AM (2016 Dates: June 5-7 | June 12-14)
  • Schedule Option 2: Friday PM - Sunday AM (2016 Dates: June 10-12 | June 17-191 | June 24-26)
  • Schedule Option 3: Saturday AM - Sunday PM (2016 Dates: June 11-12 | June 18-19 | June 25-26)
  • Campers can add sessions to any of the programs listed above or create their own schedule during June 5-19 and June 24-26, 2016. Overnight stays are not available during June 19-24 or on June 26, 2016.

Daily Schedule

Each day of camp will have a morning session from 9:00-11:30am and an afternoon session from 1:30-4:00pm. Overnight campers starting with a morning session have the option of staying in the dorm either the night before camp starts or the night after camp ends. (In some cases this may not be available.) Please call 1-800-NIKE-CAMP (645-3226) to create a customized schedule or let us know your plans.

Check-In and Departure

Campers check in 1 hours before their first session. If your program begins with an afternoon (PM) session, your check-in time is 12:30pm. If your program begins with a morning (AM) session, your check-in time is 8:00am. Campers depart immediately after your last session on the final day of camp.

Skill Assessment

Once registered at camp, you will report to the tennis courts. Your skill level will be evaluated and you will be assigned to a small group of players with similar skills.

Extra Activities

In addition to the teaching programs, there is spirited round robin play each evening.


Camp takes place at Amherst College whose campus boasts 22 hard courts and 5 clay courts. Indoor courts are also available in the event of rain. 

Overnight Accommodations

On-Campus Accommodations

2016: TBD | 2015: Overnight campers stay in the dorms, just a few yards from the tennis courts. The dorms will have air conditioning! Campers may choose a single room or a double room and groups can be assigned rooms together. Campers will dine in Valentine Hall.

Off-Campus Accommodations

If you choose not to stay on campus you will receive tennis instruction and lunch with the overnight campers.  We suggest the following hotels and inns that are located close to the campus.

  • Howard Johnson Lodge - Located in Hadley, approximately 7 minutes from campus.  Phone 413.586.0114
  • Holiday Inn Express – Located in Hadley.  Phone 413.582.0002
  • Marriot Courtyard in Hadley.  Phone 413.256.5454
  • Allen House Bed and Breakfast – Within walking distance of Amherst College.  Phone 413.253.5000
  • Amherst Inn – Right across from campus and the Emily Dickinson House.  Phone 413.253.5000

Parking On Campus

If you are driving to campus, there is parking near the dormitories.  A parking permit will be issued to you during check-in.

Group Discount

We invite USTA team members to come to camp to strengthen their skills and work in a team format. Come with your partner or entire team. There is a 5% discount for groups of four or more campers. Groups must register at the same time to receive this discount by calling 1-800-NIKE-CAMP (625-3226).

Registration Packet

A detailed camper registration packet containing check in location, health/release forms, emergency contact info, and a list of things to bring will be emailed to all registered campers in the Spring. Our health and release forms do not require a doctor's signature and they will be collected on the first day of camp.

Camp Code: TNARAC

Camper Reviews

  • 5/5.

Reiny and Mo and staff have been by far, the most experienced, professional tennis pros I have taken lessons from in many, many years. I have gone to other camps, and keep coming back to Amherst for the instructors.

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  • 5/5.

I love the Amherst tennis camp. Reiny Meir runs a supberb camp. I have been going for about 20 years. I have recommended it to many of my tennis playing friends and they love it. Tennis camp represents the summer season for me.

  • 5/5.

Reiny and Maureen are great camp directors. Their staff is excellent. We've been attending the Amherst camp for about 18 years.

  • 4/5.

Reiny, Mo and the rest of the staff were knowledgable and enthusiastic teachers of tennis.

  • 4/5.


  • 5/5.

One of the few camps that have the instructors Not the campers move from drill to drill which streamlines time and gives the campers time to hydrate, apply more sun screen etc. This director knows all his campers by name ( amazing!) and mixes things up to keep your interested, challanged and further hone your individual skillset

  • 4/5.

Have enjoyed tennis camp at Amherst over the years and hope you will continue to have the present management team for at least a few more years.

  • 5/5.

The instruction that Reiny and Maureen provide is excellent. They make it fun and we learn alot. I have attended for the last 4 years and have made friends from fellow campers. I would be very upset if it was not offered in the future.

  • 4/5.

I look forward to tennis camp at Amherst College all year long. I've attended for the past three years and plan to attend next year.

  • 4/5.

I hope you continue to offer the adult tennis camp at this (Amherst College) location. My friends and I would like to attend again next year.

  • 3/5.

Camp director (Reiny Maier) is great.

  • 5/5.

I love this camp. This was my second summer and I was looking forward to it all year long. The instructors are great, the facilities at Amherst are great, and Reiny is terrific.

  • 4/5.

Everything was spectacular - on and off the court - there were no problems, only solutions - can hardly wait to come back again next year - all personnel friendly, upbeat, helpful, professional, attentive, caring

  • 5/5.

Reiny Maier & Maureen do a fantastic job of organizing this camp. I make this statement because I have been to Saddlebrook in FL and so I have a reference for comparison

  • 5/5.
5 year veteran!

The Adult Tennis Camp at Amherst College is awesome--the directors and instructors are encouraging while helping you work on strokes and strategy. It's my 5th year and I plan to keep coming back!

  • 4/5.
Don't miss out!

The Amherst Adult Tennis camp is, as always, a wonderful opportunity to improve your game, make new friends, and have a really good time. Reiny Maier and his staff are exceptional. This is a not to be missed tennis experience.

  • 5/5.
Fantastic Staff!

The instruction is great. The personalities of the instructors and the staff are fantastic. Reiny is a true coach and an inspiration to all the campers. The whole experience is wonderful, and I look forward to it every year. 

  • 4/5.
Going out of my way to return!

I have attended Amherst tennis camps for 4 years and bring more friends every year. Reiny, Mo and their instructors are superb teachers - enthusiastic, patient, clear, insightful. Everyone I met at camp (even first-timers) loved the experience and will be back again. There are other camps that might be closer to my home but I will not attend any other camp but Amherst. Thanks.

  • 5/5.
Top Notch

As a person, who never received instruction when I was younger and have only had a few lessons in the last couple of years, having access to this much skill work and tutelage was a real gift. It was top notch and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

  • 5/5.
Hats Off to Staff

Camp exceeded my expectations.The staff to camper ratio was excellent and I learned something different from each instructor. It was very organized too. It was a great time and we will surely try to come again next year. Hats off to Reiny and the instructors!

  • 4/5.

This was an awesome experience. All the staff was excellent. I am hoping to come back next year!

  • 5/5.

I absolutely loved the camp... Can't wait for next year!!!!

  • 4/5.
Loved camp

I loved the way Reiney ran the camp. It didn't feel corporate at all. I was very impressed with the level of personalized instruction. 80% of the pros were great.

  • 4/5.
Highlight of my year

Reiny and Mo provide a consistently superb tennis experience. Attending Amherst Tennis Camp has become a highlight of my year.

  • 5/5.

Had a blast, I look forward to this weekend each year. Excellent staff and great environment. This year I brought 3 friends who are now as hooked as I am:).

  • 5/5.
Love this camp!

I have been attending for the past 5 or 6 years - love Reiny and Mo and all of the instructors. Great tennis, great fun - love this camp!

  • 4/5.

Fabulous experience - could not have been better!

  • 3/5.

I highly recommend this camp. It's wonderful and I look forward to going every year! I just wish it was longer so I could go twice each summer.

  • 4/5.
The best!

The best tennis camp ever!!

  • 5/5.
High marks

This was my first tennis camp, but I give very high marks to Mo and Reiny. They both had high a lot of energy and passion for the clinic. Reiny knew eveyone's name and gave each camper individual attention. I was also impressed with how all the instruction from the pro staff was consistent. The pro staff obviously had received excellent instruction from Mo & Reiny in order to be able to deliver their instruction so consistently.

  • 4/5.

I had a great time and learned a great deal. I really felt like the instructors truly cared about me and my development as a player. Great program!

  • 5/5.
Love everything about it

Amherst Camp is an important part of my life. I look forward to it all year long. I've gone every year for about 15 years. I love everything about it.

  • 5/5.

My Nike tennis camp experience at Amherst was memorable for two reasons: 1- i had a great fun time and made great connections with my fellow campers and 2- i took back home memorable instruction pointers and tips - about 10 which I've written down in my tennis booklet - that are beginning to positively impact my game and I can incorporate into my play with more practice. Both of these things are excellent take backs from the camp! thank you! See you next year same time!

  • 4/5.

Wonderful experience, great staff with much expertise and teaching experience…cannot wait to come back next year!

Camp Dates & Prices

2017 Dates and Prices Coming Soon! Join our email list to be notified when the program is available.

For additional camp information and dates call us at 1-800-NIKE-CAMP we would be happy to help you.